Better heifers bring better outcome for income

Getting heifer rearing right could be worth over $20,000 per year in milk sales in your heifers’ first lactation alone. Dairy Club’s Herd Analysis system is helping flag up huge […]

Tracking total production

  Analysis of Fonterra’s Company Milk graphs shows a huge potential to produce milk throughout the season. Using the peak as a guide to season production, Fonterra suppliers could supply 1,935m […]

Managing Milk Fat

Milk fat is less valuable than milk protein yet is still a key component of our income. The Note covers how milk fat is formed and how body reserves, digestion and […]

Comparative Figures UK & NZ

Below are comparative figures from the DairyNZ Economic Survey and Kingshay in the UK. Typically the UK grows 2-4tDM/ha less than NZ and this can be seen in the figures […]

Protein:Fat Ratio For better Payout

Milk Protein is typically worth twice as much as milk fat, so manipulating milk quality to achieve an optimum milk payout could bring in over $20,000 more income for the […]

Feed for thought…

The latest economic survey published by DairyNZ has some interesting points, especially the analysis of the five farm systems. Here we look at the difference between the Low (Systems 1&2) […]

SCC can cost dear

Somatic Cells are known to damage milk secreating cells are lead to a loss in production. Dairy Club’s Tracker system records day by day the likely losses and compiles them […]

Feed Planning Workshops

A series of one day workshops are being arranged around the country to help dairy farmers drive business in what is lining up to be a tough season. “Rather than backing away […]

Dung consistency

Dung can tell us a huge amount about how well the rumen and digestive system is working. Read the Technical note here.