Feed Planning Workshops

A series of one day workshops are being arranged around the country to help dairy farmers drive business in what is lining up to be a tough season.

“Rather than backing away from the lower payout we should be hitting it head on” states Dairy Club Senior Consultant James Hague. “If the income isn’t coming in at the top end we need to improve efficiency throughout the body of the business and drive margin.”

Dairy Club will be helping dairy farmers to be prepared and find the gaps in their businesses’ efficiency. The average Farm on Dairy Club’s Tracker system could have achieved 27% more milk worth over $150,000 at a $4.50 payout. Much of this could come through improving Feed Conversion Efficiency of the feed already being fed.

The workshop will include a review of past production with each farm attending using Dairy Club’s Tracker system to plan potential production and then review how the feed is going to be supplied.

“The successive droughts have hit hard around the country and combined with lower payouts we need to be prepared and have plans in place to protect our businesses.” Comments Hague
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By the end of the workshop the attendees will have created a feed plan for your own farm which includes the analysis of the likely margins.

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