Tracking Faster

If milk prices stay low for the next few seasons what do we do? Looking back over the last 15 years at the DairyNZ Economic Survey data we can find […]

Is grass green?

Comments are often made on social media state that low input grass systems are more profitable and environmentally friendly than high input systems, but are they? Profitability Data from DairyNZ’s Dairy Base […]

SCC = Somatic Cell Cost

Somatic Cells cost us milk that we never see due to damage to milk secretory cells. The value of this can be calculated and the Tracker system does this day […]

Tracking, not lacking this summer

As we get past peak production into the dryer summer months milk typically declines much faster than the cows potential. The chart shows the Fonterra Company Milk Chart for the […]

Bulls in a Bear market

The low payout is prompting some to cut back on using high genetic merit bulls and either use cheaper semen or stock bulls instead. As discussed in previous posts, typically […]

Goldilocks would make a good nutritionist

Goldilocks, quite rightly, was very fussy about her diet and her living arrangements. Her porridge had to be just right and presumably she knew that good nutrition is about the […]

‘The $olution to pollution is dilution’

There’s lots of commentary at present about cutting costs in the dairy industry. Most of the costs to be cut being Variable Cost items, yet fundamentally at a $3.85 payout […]

Maximizing Milk Protein

Even though the headline payout isn’t the best, the value of milk protein is at $5.32 so producing kilo’s of protein rather than fat has twice the benefit. Fonterra’s average […]

10 positive actions to keep on track

A low payout puts great pressures on the business. Gearing your business to thrive at a lower payout not just helps you through the tough years, but also makes you […]