Tried & Tested

Tried & Tested

TandTTried & Tested is where the Membership evaluate a product or service and give ratings on its performance and value. For Members looking to buy products or contract services they will be able to see what other Members recommend, which could save time, money and hassle.

Reports provide:

  • A list of products on the market

  • Specifications of the product or service

  • Contact details of the companies supplying them

  • Members star rating of a number of key parameters

  • Overall comparison

  • Cost and value assessment

 These reports can save Members thousands in ensuring they get the best product or service.

Examples of topics will include:

  • In-shed feeders

  • Feed Additives

  • Yard scrapers

  • Minerals

  • Software

  • Mobile phones


Contact us to suggest products or services you would be interested in the Membership evaluating