Daisy’s Diets

Daisy’s Diets is an easy to use online program for constructing, checking and costing out rations for your milking cows.

Daisy’s Diets can be found online as part of the Tracker program and links into your feed database and any feed analysis you get through Hill Laboratories.

Daisy's Diets

Daisy’s Diets

Easy to use

Daisy’s Diets is straight forward to use:

  • Enter target milk yield, milk quality, liveweight and liveweight change.
  • Enter the cows in the group, milk price and travel distance.
  • Select feeds to use, amounts and cost
  • Review the results
  • Print out the results for use on the farm.
  • Create as many diets as you wish and save as many versions as you wish.

There are helpful video’s on how to use the system and each parameter can be clicked on for an explanation of what it means and what the targets are.

Because it is an online system our team at Dairy Club can give a second opinion and check over the diet for you and make suggestions.



Sign up to Daisy’s Diets – Daisy’s Diets is only available to Tracker users. Payment is per business per season at a cost of $200+GST for Dairy Club members and $250+GST for non-Members. Register here