About Us

AgriSoft – where science meets practice.


Agrisoft is the software development arm of Daisy’s Agriculture Ltd started by founder James Hague.

James spent his early years farming, but had the opportunity to work at one of the top dairy research centres in Europe. This led to a position with the farmer funded research and development organisation Kingshay where James was Technical Director.  This research involved researching the dairy industry from the soil up all the way through to a full blown model of dairy farm economics. To ensure the results of these research projects could be directly applied on farm James utilised his practical knowledge of farming to create technical notes, workshops and systems that were relevant to the everyday needs of the farming business. He was aware that so much of research undertaken in the industry was of very little use directly that he ensured that farmer funded research addressed the needs of the present, whilst keeping a watchful eye on the future.

Since coming to New Zealand James has teamed up with software developer Matt Almutairi, a graduate of Lincoln University to bring many of the applications that James has developed onto the web. They have been building a team around them to bring secure, fast and innovative products to an every changing agricultural industry.

Lincoln Graduate Alan Wang has become a valuable member of the team currently working on many of the php elements of the applications.

Currently working with a range of clients from farmers through to large companies the team aim to instil their passion and knowledge into the products that they create.